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We know that webinars can be a bit daunting. Webinarna is here to make sure that you get all the benefits of webinars, with the least possible nerves!


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Stress Free

Webinars can be a little stressful, whether it’s the first time or hundredth time you’re presenting.

Our simple to use platform puts all functionality to hand and ensures everything ‘just works’ for you, letting you focus on the presentation.

Our 24/5 support team can even be on hand to provide a friendly pair of ears if you want to test your setup.


Webinarna is all about helping you deliver an authentic presentation, and to get the most from it.

You might have heard about ‘automated’ and webinars where even the ‘chat’ is faked. You have one shot at making a first impression.

Webinarna is all about real, live webinars and video meetings. These deliver the goods for you and your audience.


It makes sure that nothing gets in the way of your message, helping you craft the perfect presentation.

Our platform has been developed over many 10s of thousands of webinars to ensure the right balance of super low latency, and reliability.

Webinars can be recorded and edited with our in-app studio to ensure that after the live event, the results keep rolling in.

Video Meetings for 1 to 5 people

5 people or fewer

Video meetings are as close to ‘being there’ as you can get.

Webinarna video meetings make it easy for you to meet with colleagues or prospects from wherever you are.

Recordings and phone ‘dial in’ are supported.

Webinars for up to 500 participants

Best for One-Off Events

Webinars are the success story for modern, online marketing.

Making webinars part of your marketing mix will help you win and close more business, and retain customers for longer.

Recordings and phone ‘dial in’ are supported.

Calendar View

Our calendar view is an intuitive take on a more conventional dashboard. See what you have planned, with whom and when..

Quickly create additional events at times that best suit you and your attendees

Scalable Chat

Chat is surprisingly important in webinars. While you’re presenting, your audience will have questions.

Our chat is developed on the back of 50,000 webinars to scale, whether one, or one hundred viewers are pinging you.

Video Studio

Live video is fantastic for getting a message across, but sharing a recording maximises ROI from the effort spent.

Our Studio tool lets you tweak your live video recording to ensure your audience has a perfect version for posterity.


Webinarna ‘plays nice’ with a growing roster of integration partners to ensure that you can do more with your video.

We integrate with various video, autoresponder and knowledge platforms to put your content to best use.

Quality & Speed

A webinar platform needs to be rock solid. Our core technology has been refined to deliver speed and reliability.

With Webinarna, your viewers will hear your voice in less than a second after it leaves your lips.