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Webinarna is the best platform for training, engagement
and company communication

Video Meetings

Recordable video meetings with up to 50 participants, screenshare, camera and whiteboard.

Live Webinars

Webinars are the best solution to deliver messaging online and at scale to engage and convert.

Auto Webinars

Our auto-webinars let you marry the power of live webinars with the convenience of pre-recording.


Our unique ‘Auditorium’ mode gives you full audience feedback for your online event.

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Webinarna delivers a fantastic,
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Powerful Chat

Our chat platform is the most powerful and easy to use in the business. Keep on track and engage with our text feed.

Full Recordings

All Webinarna events are recorded by default, giving you a record of your messaging and creating new content.

Editing Studio

Our unique studio lets you craft the perfect video presentation from scratch or editing a prior webinar.


Webinarna is 100% browser based. Attendees just click on a link and they’re in the event. Nothing to install.

How Webinarna Can Help Your Team

Webinarna is designed to deliver onboarding, training and other educational and marketing video content

How Webinarna Can Help Your Team

Studio functionality lets you edit your videos and refine your message as your subject matter evolves

How Webinarna Can Help Your Team

Evergreen video functionality means that you can get the right messaging to your audience, at the right time

Deliver training and education, remotely and at scale

Training and education via the video products Webinarna supports is a win on many levels.

Firstly, you get the engagement and results of ‘live’. Webinarna supports one-to-one and one to unlimited numbers of viewers, as a live presenter. This means you can impart your messaging on a live basis, at scale.

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Use video meetings and webinars to close business at scale

Webinars are, hands-down, the best tool you can use to close new business at scale.

Webinars work so well for sales because they give a focal point to your marketing efforts. Drive users to your sales webinars, present to them, and close the sale. We’ve used these ourselves closing $250k plus on numerous webinar-led sales efforts.

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The best way to get your message across to engage prospects

Webinars are a vital part of any marketing tool box in an age where prospects need engaging.

Webinars are the linch-pin for ever more marketing campaigns, and for good reason: They engage viewers, convert leads to prospects helping marketing teams meet their obligations to their business and sales teams.

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Live Webinars

Live webinars are hands down the best way to engage audiences. Push them to a webinar page, present and impress. Nothing is better than a webinar to get people to engage at scale.

Auto Webinars

The second best event after ‘live’ are auto- (evergreen) webinars, and the best platform for these is Webinarna, with our powerful tools and chat. Set and forget, with chat notifications.

Video Meetings

We all do video meetings nowadays. Webinarna gives you video meetings that can scale, with easy post-meeting sharing and distribution with our recording functionality.

Auditorium Mode

Our unique ‘Auditorium’ mode lets you present to an audience, and get valuable feedback and participation in real time, on the event. Your audience will be even more inspired!

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